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As technology continues to take over, the current infrastructure behind the labor industry lacks a true utilization of the internet. Powered by hyperledger, the Krow Network intends to move jobs online while strengthening the connection between a company and their employee.


What is the Krow Network?

The Krow Network is a platform that connects employers and employees from around the world and stores everything in one secure space.

Employers will be able to have their own online workspace, where they will be able to do everything from organizing their employees tasks to paying employees directly through our application.

The process is simple. A company puts out a job onto the platform, and hires their employee. The employee then carries out the specified tasks assigned and recieves his paycheck as normal. Our vision is that a day will come where every aspect of employment can directly be hosted through our application, and the normal employee will never have to work in an office again.

The Krow Platform Krow

Meet the new way to work. Via our network, users of the platform will be connected and encouraged to create new business interactions with people from around the world. Together, the company and individual can use our live interview feature as well as the smart resume to get acquainted while not wasting any time. Once the two parties agree to the interaction, the company and employee are able to use any of the features listed below (any many more) to streamline the job and create a better experience for both parties.


The Krow Network is driven through its decentralized application, which connects employers and employees based on their experience. Our goal is to allow complete transparency to occur between the two parties before even speaking with each other.

  • Smart Resumes
  • Job Board
  • Video/Text Chat
  • E-Checks
  • Collaborative Workspace
  • Company Efficiency Metrics

Our Roadmap RoadMap

August 2017

Concept Creation and Whitepaper V1 Release

October 2017

Initial Team Selection and Concept Mapping

December 2017

Application Modeling and Application Development Begins

February 2018

Private Equity Sale to Team and Hyperledger Initialized

April 2018

Network's Back-End Complete

August 2018

Front-End for Job Board Complete

September 2018

Application Development Continues

December 2018

Communication Features Integrated (Web and Text Chat)

February 2019

Collaborative Workspace Integrated

April 2019

Electronic Paycheck Integration and Alpha v1.0 Krow Application

June 2019

Advertising Campaign and Real-World Integration Begins

Powered by Our Team Team

The Krow Network Team combines development experience, industry expertise, and a passion for revolutionizing labor interactions.


Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Below we’ve provided our most frequently asked questions about or project. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

The Krow Network is a decentralized application that aims to streamline employment onto the internet.

We look to pair employees and employers together through a secure network. Rather than scrambling for information on your counterparty before accepting or denying them as a business partner, their entire labor record becomes presented through their smart resume.

Hyperledger autonomously track pieces of information from the platform without any intermediary party being involved. This creates a sense of validity, as decentralization will allow for an individual's resume to have complete transparency. When hiring an employee or deciding to work for a company, there will no longer be any missing pieces.

Today's labor market features about 1.5 billion dollars lost per year strictly due to incompatibility between new employers and employees. The Krow Network allows for every party to know exactly what they are getting into, before ever even interacting. Employees and employers will now have a sense of knowledge about their counterparty before deciding whether or not to work with them for months, years, or even decades.

The platform will act as a central hub that connects employees and employers from around the world to work together. The platform reccomends parties together via their smart resumes.

Upon completion of work, the employee will fuel a paycheck that contains information as well as payment, which is then stored onto each user's smart resume. This paycheck will include an employees choice of FIAT currency or cryptocurrency.

A smart resume is much-like a normal resume, but it is created by the network rather than the individual. In order to prevent fraud and false information on the resume, the network will control it where every interaction performed by the user is stored onto it. Every individual on the platform will have a smart resume whether it be a company, employee, student, etc.

No. The Krow Network seperates itself from traditional employement sites by allowing any job interaction to occur onto it. Bi-weekly, freelancing, and even internship jobs will all be supported and will have the ability to be stored onto a smart resume. One can work with another party located internationally, or somebody that is minutes away.

We currently plan to release the project strictly in the United States. As time passes, we look to expand to a larger international market.

An individual will have the option of filing individualy, or can file through us. We are currently pursuing blockchain-based tax solutions to partner with, where an individual will be able to automatically have their taxes filed after recieving their paycheck.

Before becoming involved in any sort of partnership, both parties will need to agree to their counterparty's terms. If any of these terms are broken, it will be the individual's responsibility to pursue with legal action.

On February 25th, the Krow Network held a private ICO where we sold about 21,000,000 tokens to private investors. This sale is protected under article D of the sale of security exception regulations.

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